Frequently Asked Questions



Are my assets and money safe?


Patronus Partners Limited does not hold any client money, nor does it hold client assets.  Depending on the service (s) you choose to utilise will determine which underlying custodian holds your assets and / or money.  For example by signing up to the Patronus Investment Management service, you will also open an account with 7 Investment Management who clear through Pershing Securities Limited the ultimate custodian of your assets and money.  Similarly were you to open a Patronus Stockbroking account, we give the task of holding client money and assess to Global Prime Partners Limited.  Were you to open a 3rd party derivatives account, we would introduce to one or more 3rd party derivatives providers, including IG Group, Spreadex Limited and / or ADM Investor Services International Limited.


How much do you charge?


This depends on the service that you choose.  All our rate cards are available upon request and we have tried to make these as clear as we possibly can.  Please feel free to contact us if we can explain anything in further detail.


What happens if I want to make a complaint or am not happy with something?


In the first instance, please contact your broker who will do all he / she can to help and put things right.  Alternatively, please contact the Compliance Officer who will review your complaint and make a final decision.


I am interested in working for Patronus Partners Limited.  What should I do?


Patronus is a young, dynamic team, passionate about markets and putting client interests at the forefront of everything we do.  If you feel that you can contribute to the ongoing success of the Firm and have a genuine passion for the stock market as well as looking after clients to the best of your ability, please get in touch by email,, with your Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter.