Patronus Partners Ltd was formed in January 2015 by the Executive Directors Paul Kavanagh,
Kareem Khouri and John Prior, each of whom has extensive experience in investment management and stockbroking services.


Previously they worked together for close to twenty years as Partners at private client stockbroking firm Killik & Co, where they built a reputation for establishing the Capital Division. The initiative for creating Patronus Partners was to take this approach a stage further; to provide discerning and accessible investment management and stockbroking services, to address the broad spectrum of investment requirements of today's investor.

So where is our thinking taking us? We think we are sitting at an interesting junction for the investment markets. Historically low or, indeed, negative interest rates, have conditioned investors to paying ever-increasing prices for assets - be they stocks, bonds or property. Whilst this game may continue for some time to come, it does feel to us that a tremendous amount of capital is playing the same trade. Any reversal to that backdrop feels dangerous and why seeking alternative return profiles, as part of a well balanced portfolio, is becoming more essential than ever.

Patronus Partners has been created to provide clients with balance to their thinking. With strong macro overlay thoughts, bottom up stock and investment picking skills and a broader tool kit of financial solutions to exploit current trends, our plan is to provide a comprehensive approach to investment management. We aim to operate a highly outsourced model for custody of assets, together with a firm eye on management costs.

A streamlined and niche client-base, means we can devote more time to exploring your unique needs and ensuring the correct strategies are in place to marry these with your objectives.

Paul Kavanagh has spent most of his career in the stockbroking industry. With a natural interest in stock market investing, he spent five years writing for the Sunday Times Money section, discussing over one hundred individual businesses in some detail during the 1990's. Paul went on to be a regular contributor on the investment conference circuit and in the media with the BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg and Sky News.

Kareem Khouri joined Killik & Co in 1995 from Fidelity and successfully established the company's presence in Canary Wharf, building a highly successful private client team. Establishing a strong management ethos, he also sat on many of the key Boards such as Risk, Compliance, and Operations and re-joined Paul Kavanagh to put the structure around the Capital Division.

John Prior joined Killik & Co in 1999 in Paul Kavanagh's team, having previously worked across many asset classes at Barclays Capital. His wide investment knowledge and experience at an institutional level, has been invaluable to our retail and professional clients and provided the nucleus of thought to our successful Managed Futures strategy. This has now been running for eight years and continues under his management at Patronus.