Patronus Partners Ltd was formed in January 2015 by Kareem Khouri, John Prior and Paul Kavanagh,

each of whom has over 20 years of experience in investment management and stockbroking services. They were then joined by

Jeremy Steinson in 2016 who has been working in financial markets for over 15 years.

Previously they worked together for close to twenty years at private client stockbroking firm Killik & Co, where they built a reputation for establishing the Capital Division. The initiative for creating Patronus Partners was to take this approach a stage further; to provide discerning and accessible investment management and stockbroking services, to address the broad spectrum of investment requirements of today's investor.

So where is our thinking taking us? We think we are sitting at an interesting junction for the investment markets. Historically low or, indeed, negative interest rates, have conditioned investors to paying ever-increasing prices for assets - be they stocks, bonds or property. Whilst this game may continue for some time to come, it does feel to us that a tremendous amount of capital is playing the same trade. Any reversal to that backdrop feels dangerous and why seeking alternative return profiles, as part of a well balanced portfolio, is becoming more essential than ever.

Patronus Partners was established to allow our clients to benefit from decades of financial market experience and knowledge in an accessible and friendly way.  Our discretionary and advisory services are based upon a combination of a strong macroeconomic framework and detailed individual company analysis.  Our execution-only services combine highly experienced traders with the most advanced trading technology and a personal service.